Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday 29th October

Another weekend approaches. A nice sunny weekend with it too!!
Had a bit of a dilema (sp?). The weather forecast is predicting rain for Oaks Day and my outfit doesn't allow for rain at all!!
So I've had to consider other options if it does rain. Have just got in from shopping and have added 2 jackets to my wardrobe now.
I'd seen the first one and bought it straight away. It's a shortish jacket with fur around the collar and sleeves and is sort of a casual sexy type look.
Then I walked into the next shop and saw a much more classy jacket which is nearly to the knee and is quite fitted with a small fur collar. So I bought this one too!!
I've also managed to find another pearl choker too. So I'm now sorted again....unless I decide to wear trousers instead, then I've got to go and find a nice sexy top to wear!! I can see it being a last minute dash to the shops on Wednesday lunch time to find something!!

Was laying in bed last night in a very deep and comfy sleep,when all of a sudden I heard Alana screaming. Woke up and ran into her room to see what the problem is.....the power had gone off and she was in total darkness!! She sleeps with a night light on, and if she had her way she'd also sleep with the hall light and the kitchen light on too!! So we had an unexpected guest in the bed at 3.30 this morning!! Nick now understands why we bought the King Size bed!! Luckily the power turned on again about 15 minutes later so she was shepherded back to bed!!

It's a long weekend for alot of people this weekend. Melbourne Cup Day is run on Tuesday and alot of people take the Monday off too. Alana has got the day off school so Nick has taken the day off to look after, I've got to go to work! At least it'll be nice and quiet

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thursday 28th October

Had an appointment with the Speech Therapist this afternoon, so had to finish work early. We had to sit in a little room and the woman had to try and get Alana to talk so she could hear her speech. She also wanted to tape her talking.
Of course Alana was having none of it to begin with and just nodded and shook her head....that's my girl!! She then gave Alana some textas to draw with and had a chat with me, then tried again with Alana. Thankfully she'd started to relax by then and answered all the questions that the woman asked her.
Happy to say that her speech is nothing to be worried about and doesn't need any therapy at all. Just need to keep an ear out if she gets a bit stuttery and slow her down a bit. One less thing to worry about!!

We're going to go for a drive to a nice little suburb called Warrandyte. We're going to have some lunch by the river and then Alana can go and play on the banks. It's a lovely place in the Summer but it can get a bit busy with tourists.

Nick's working on Saturday so I'm taking Alana swimming, going to drop by my parent's house to see if they can mind her for an hour while I go for a run, then home to shower and change, then off to Knox City again in my search for a nice pearl choker to wear on Oaks Day.

We've decided to get to the racecourse on the train as it'll be bedlam on the roads. We need to get there a bit early so that we can help set up the marquee (and make sure the champers is cold!!). I'd love to take my camera with me but I'm only taking a small bag and it won't fit, and in the state I'll probably be in, I'll end up losing it!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday 27th October

It's been such a crappy day today. The weather has been appalling. Torrential rain, strong gusty winds, hail.....reminds me of England!!
Luckilly we normally only get one day of it and then it reverts back to pleasant weather again!! Check out the 4 day weather forecast on the right!

I'm starting to feel a bit better today and the cold is shifting. Alana's is taking a bit longer to get rid of. I'm not sure if it's the swimming that's giving her the colds or she's just prone to getting them. Might have to consider her giving up the swimming for a bit and see if this helps.

Margaret is now back at work and throwing it at me left, right and centre, which is great as I would much rather be busy than sat twiddling my thumbs all day. I've now learnt how to print off cheques and pay creditors, and I'm learning how to do a reconcilliation!!

Not much more to tell, so I'll leave it there for now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tuesday 26th October

Such a crap night's sleep. Couldn't breathe at all so I kept waking up with dry lips and a really parched throat. I keep a bottle of water and a lip balm next to my bed so I swigged on the water and put on tons of the balm. Then I woke up 'cos I had to go to the toilet due to the amount of water I was drinking!!!
I ended up sleeping sitting up so that my nose could at least drain itself of the crap up there (sorry that was a bit graphic wasn't it!!).
Needless to say I'm not looking or feeling my best today. There is some good news though, I've lost 2.4kg in a week (that's 5lb for all you lot who can't convert!!). Not sure how I've done it, apart from saying no to chocolate, biscuits, lollies and cake (but checkout my weight blog for more info).
Can't say that I can see much difference yet, but I've got my trusty black velvet trousers that I try on now and then and I can tell by how tight they are as to how much more weight I need to lose!!

Nick's got an interview on Thursday for a job working in a pharmaceutical company warehouse. I'd seen the ad on a job website and applied for him. Only downside is that they've taken the ad off the website, so we're not really sure what the job actually entails!!! That'll keep Nick on his toes at the interview anyway!

Lisa, when is Sue due to arrive here? Please give her my number as I'd love to catch up with her while she's over and she is also more than welcome to stay if she needs somewhere.

Just looking out of the window and it's started to rain. Well there goes all my nice dry washing on the line!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday 25th October

We have a new baby!! Check her out!!

I finally got round to buying one yesterday, and it's a little beauty too!! The grass now looks well kept and tidy!!

I've got another cold. Must have picked it up off Alana or Nick as they're both full of it. Not feeling great, but not sick enough to have time off work. Solider on!!

Went round to my parent's on Saturday as everyone was over there, so I thought I'd better do the right thing and drop by. All was going along quite smoothly until Alana walks back into the house soaking wet. Seems that my brother's 2 little girls were throwing pine cones into the pond and Alana was standing a bit too close and got totally drenched. And of course Alana was only throwing pine cones because the other girls were doing it!! We left rather quickly after that.
On a sadder note, when my Dad left a bit later to take my brother and his 2 girls to the train station, he accidentally ran over one of my mum's cats who was under the car, trying to keep out of the way of all the kids. Cat is now dead.....oops!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday 22nd October

I'm so glad that it's Friday. This week has been a bit of a nightmare. The woman I work with, Margaret, has had another operation this week so has been off work all week, and it looks like she's also off next Monday and Tuesday. Needless to say I feel like I've been pushed into the deep end, and even though I'm not drowning as such, I'm struggling a little bit, mainly becuase I don't know how to do everything yet!! There's plenty of time to learn I know, but it'd be nice if I could answer everyone's queries when they ask!!

I've had a massive headache for the last couple of days. I think it has something to do with the fact that I've not had any chocolate, biscuits, cake, sweets or munchies, and I've given up drinking coffee and tea for now. Withdrawal symptons have hit me big time. This also happened when I started eating low you remember that J2??

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a bit of respite and I'll be feeling alot better - I'll need to be, as I'm going to be running around like a blue arsed fly!!

I had to pay out $24 today for a 4 month prescription of the pill. Yep it's not free over here. I've decided to stop taking the pill and have something inserted in my arm called Implanon. Means that I don't have to remember to take the pill each day. It lasts for 3 years too, so can basically forget all about it.

Helsy we watched the wedding video last night. Had me in stitches of laughter, especially the speeches. How long did they go on for??? And I really thought that Steve looked quite nervous...kept pointing out that he had these prompts on his piece of paper. Loved it all, especially seeing all you guys.

Lisa, I loved your hair. It's the first time I've actually seen it with the extensions in it. And you all looked absolutely fantastic. Reallly wish I could have been there.

My parents arrived home safely. Took my Dad's car back last night too. It's not good trying to drive when there's this severe headache pumping across the top of your head. And then I had to sit there and look at photos and listen to loads of stories about the trip.
One good thing, I got all my Clinique stuff. Phew - luckily it was just in time as I was running out of moisturiser.

Okay, need to go and lay down in a dark quiet room!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thursday 21st October

My parents have arrived home today from their jetsetting life. They've been over to the UK, then to Nova Scotia, Toronot and Vancouver for the last couple of months. Time has certainly flown past quickly, that's for sure. I've got to take my Dad's car over to their place tonight. He left it in our garage while they went away. Unfortunately when I went to start it last night (I was going to take it over then) it wouldn't start. Battery totally dead. So Nick had to put it on charge and I've not got to take it over tonight.
Was hoping not to have to do the family thing until the weekend, but it looks like I've got to listen to all the details tonight of their trip (is this being selfish?).

Well I went and saw Alana's teacher yesterday. Basically she just went over everything that Nick and I were already aware of with regards to her writing. She's given us a leaflet about getting her assessed and maybe having some special lessons for her. I'll probably take her along and see what they say and then take it from there.

Another beautiful day in Melbourne. I love the fact that I can put a load of washing in the machine before work, get it out on the line and then bring it all in when I get home. The washing machines over here are mainly top loaders and most cycles only run for 1/2 hour, which is great. Also with it being a top loader, if I forget a piece of clothing, I can just open the lid and bung it in while it's still going. I have to admit that the washing powders over here are pretty crap and don't get the washing really clean, but that's probably because the wash cycle isn't as long as on a front loader. I always have to soak the whites overnight in boiling water before I put them on a wash cycle.....okay that was all pretty boring wasn't it!!! Hope you haven't all drifted off to sleep through that!

The video has arrived. It did show up yesterday but I'd already left so I'll watch it tonight. Can't wait to see it. I'm quite excited!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wednesday 20th October

Have the dreaded appointment with Alana's teacher this afternoon. I'm not sure what to expect though, so I'll just go with the flow!!
After speaking to Alana about her writing on the weekend, it seems that she sees it as some sort of competition as to who can finish their writing first. Which is probably why it's pretty unreadable. We've tried to explain to her that the winner is the person who's writing is the neatest and can be read properly, not who finishes first. Not sure if it's sunk in or not, but at least now we understand why it's not great to read!!

On the other hand, yesterday morning (before school), she drew around her blue cashew, cut it out with the scissors (the picture that is, not blue cashew), and then coloured it in, got the sticky tape and stuck it on another piece of paper, along with a picture of a banana that she'd made the previous evening, so that she could give the whole picture to her teacher. I was quite impressed as I had no involvement in it at all!! I don't remember having that kind of imagination or forward thinking at that age!!

I've had to move my hairdressing appointment to Saturday morning as Kerry couldn't do me on Monday night. As Nick is going to be working (getting all the overtime he can before he quits!!), it's going to be a mad dash from Alana's swimming lesson over to Kerry's place. I'm hoping that Kerry won't mind me putting Alana in the bath and washing her hair too!! Or do you think I'm asking too much?? But what are friends for if not to share the amenities in one's house!!!

Have you heard Kylies' new song (well it's new over here anyway!!) I believe in you??? Love it. I've downloaded it off the internet and just keep hitting repeat while I'm using the computer so that it just plays over and over!!

The video hasn't shown up at work yet and I'm leaving in 30 minutes, so I hope it arrives before I have to leave or else I'm going to have to wait another day for it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday 19th October

It's amazing how one thing changes in our life, and everything else seems to change too!! What do they call it....the ripple effect!!!
Due to Nick now working, I am unable to go to the gym in the mornings. I was really into a good routine, and my food intake was quite good too, and I was slowly losing weight. We were all sleeping well, and everyone was doing okay!!

Now life has just turned upside down (well for me anyway). I have no energy or motivation to go to the gym in the evenings, Nick is now working 10-12 hour days and doesn't seem to have the energy or the inclination to do anything in the evenings either.
Alana is now going to After School Care 3 days per week and is not sleeping very well either.
My food intake has gone rapidly downhill and I'm eating crap again (see weight blog).
I'm not sleeping very well either (and I don't think Nick is either). The possums kept me awake last night. They were scuttling about at some stupid hour of the morning.

Nick has told the people that he's working with that he's not going to stay but will keep doing the job until either they find somebody else, or he finds another job - whichever comes first.

Weather has improved again this week. As I'm typing this, I am looking outside and it is clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Of course it's only going to stay fine until Friday and then there's a cool change with rain for the weekend. Typical isn't it.

It's now all official. Got my Change of Name Certificate in the mail yesterday, so I can now officially change everything to Mrs B!!! Oh Yuk, that's going to take forever to notify everyone. Might just do it gradually!!

Helsy the video has arrived, but as it was delivered to the house, there was nobody at home to accept it, so I've rung DHL and they're going to deliver it to work tomorrow. Sounds like a good evening's entertainment coming up tomorrow night!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday 18th October

Exhausted, I'm exhausted that's what I am!!! Can't believe that one night out has put me into a state like this. For god's sake it was only one night out on the town....does this show my age or what???

The band was great though and I had a really good dance session. The arms were a bit sore the next morning though from all that waving them in the air!!

I went to a great nursery yesterday to get some Azaleas and some Fuscias. It was a lovely drive to get there too. Have to drive up the mountain and as it was a beautiful sunny day, I was really chilled out by the time I got there.
When I got home, my mission for the day was to dig up all the Agapanthus that are planted down the side of the driveway. I really dislike them and they have now been labelled as a weed in Melbourne.

So I get out the shovel and the fork and get started on the first one (there are about 9 of them I think). Well by the end of the day I had removed one of them!!! These things have got roots like you would not believe, and they go so far into the soil that I'm going to have to dig out all of the soil and put new stuff in as there are just so many roots!!

So my mission over the next few weeks is to dig out all the Agapanthus!! I've been informed that if I spray them with Roundup it'll kill them, roots and all. May have to go down to Bunnings and investigate!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday 15th October

Hi Everybody. Well another day seems to have disappeared quickly. It didn't start off well and it didn't really finish well either.

We had a note from Alana's teacher asking if we could come in and see her. Seems that she's a bit concerned about her writing still. And of course now that both of us are working full time, it's almost impossible.
I do finish early on a Wednesday so I'll have to go and see her then. Really not what I wanted to hear though.

Then when I get to work there's a ton of it waiting for me. Now I like to be busy, but I hate being stressed and busy - not a good combination. Then I get a phone call asking if I can drop something off to Glaxo on the way home. Even worse, as I have to pick Alana up and I can't be late at all. The only good thing was that I ended up leaving work at 3pm, dropping the stuff off and then having enough time to go to the gym before I had to pick Alana up.

I wanted to go and do the shopping too, but as I was hot and sweaty from the gym I had to go home and have a shower, and as Nick didn't get home until nearly 7.30, I was just too exhausted to even consider it by then.

Not sure what I'm going to give Alana for lunch today though!! There's always Jam sandwiches I suppose!!

We're off to see Faithless tomorrow night, so it'll be good to get out and have a good 'hand waving in the air' dance. Just hope I can keep awake!! My only dilema is what to wear as I haven't been out to a club for ages. Might have to do a bit of shopping tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wednesday 13th October

I'm exhausted!!! Nick was up at 5.00 this morning, although we were both already awake as the toilet in our ensuite has a mind of it's own and every now and then decides to flush itself.....don't ask me how, it just happens.

Seeing as I was up so early, I rang Helsy....lovely to talk to you girlie!! Even had enough time this morning to clean up the house - it took more time cleaning Alana's room than anywhere else in the house as her room looked like a tip!!

The job that Nick has just started is definitely not the right one for either him or me!! He'll be doing at least 10 - 12 hour days and that's not the reason we moved all the way over this side of the world. Means that we'll hardly see him, or him us, so he has to give it the flick!!

Well after that beautiful day yesterday, it's been pouring with rain just about all day today. It only went down to 22 degrees last night and it was still 28 at midnight!! But that's Melbourne for you

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tuesday 12th October

I seem to be losing days at the moment. Just can't seem to keep up with it all!!

Today has been the warmest day for a while. It was 32 degrees at 5pm, with a clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine. Really not trying to make you all jealous....haha!!

I sat in the sun on Sunday and got a bit too much colour (now very red!!) so I have to remember to be a bit more careful. Body hadn't seen any sun since last summer and I forget that it's not used to it at the moment. Must remember - SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!!

Nick starts his new job 6.30am!! I'm now going to go to the gym in the evening, rather than the morning, but I'll probably wait until after 7pm as it quietens down then!!

Alana will go into After School Care from Thursday as I finish early on a Wednesday so that I can take here to Gymnastics. My Sister In Law has offered to pick her up from School on a Thursday as well, but can't do it this Thursday as they're going up to Darwin for 5 days, so from next week she only has to go into care 3 days per week, and as we're still not sure what hours Nick will be working, it may change again. Luckily Alana loves going to ASC so there's no objections there!!

We're off to see Faithless this weekend, so my friend Margaret is going to come over and babysit Alana. I did ask my sister if she'd look after her, but she's got her nose out of joint about something I've done or said, so she wasn't forthcoming with a YES!!

Work is really busy now as I'm being given more work as I get quicker at doing things. I made up an invitation today to send out to some of our customers for Oaks Day, so it's not all hard work!!!

Okay, must go and get ready for the gym and scoff something to fill the belly!!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday 9th October

I know, I know...just didn't get a chance to write in here yesterday.
Work has totally knackered me out. Am taking in alot of info at the moment and by the time I got home last night, my brain was in meltdown I just switched off and veged out on the couch and watched Bridget Jones Diary on the telly (always a great movie to watch!!).

Some good news - looks like Nick has now been offered a job. It's a driving one, but we're not sure what the hours are at the moment. He starts on Wednesday. There are still another couple that he's applied for as well, but we haven't heard back from them yet.

Alana enjoyed the party that she went to yesterday afternoon. They had a bouncy castle there and she absolutely adores them, so just played on that most of the time. Anyone with a digital camera will know how hard it is to take moving photos with one, so here's the best one of the bunch!!

I've been out in the garden today. Dunno about green fingers, but my hands were pretty grotty when I'd finished weeding. The next door neighbours have ivy growing over the fence and I hate Ivy, so I got the snippers onto it and cut it all down on our side of the fence.

I'm also going to dig out the agapanthas that are growing down the side of the driveway and put some boronias, fuscias and azaleas in there. It'll make it very pretty, very colourful and it'll smell lovely because of the boronias.

Nick took some photos while I was slogging away.

And here's one of Alana looking cute!!

Well I'd better go clear up the kitchen as it looks like a bomb's hit it after making dinner, then I'm going to sit down in front of the telly and put my feet up.....oh and get this, no alcohol this weekend either!!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thursday 7th October

Sorry I didn't get to post in here yesterday but I was too tired last night. Not sure why, probably due to the early mornings at the gym again.

Anyway not much happened yesterday so you didn't miss anything.

Work is now quite busy, which is great. Makes the time fly by. Learning all about an Accounting Package called Quickbooks. It's been so long since I did any kind of accounts work, but it's all coming back to me now!!

Alana started at her gymnastics again last night, and as I'm working till 5 at the moment, Nick took her. Seems she's really confident now on the parallel bars. Last term she was a little bit hesitant as they have to crawl across the top. Now she's like a little monkey!!!

She also starts at her swimming again on Saturday. She's only doing once a week with that as I can't get home in time to take her during the week.

Weather has turned yuk again. Yesterday was a perfect day, beautiful blue skies, warm and sunny and 24 degrees. This morning as I'm typing it is now raining and have just heard some thunder too. But that's Melbourne for you.

Alana is off to another party for one of her friends at school. Not sure what to buy for her, which is really strange as I've got a daughter the same age, but of course everyone's tastes are different.

Ciao for now!!

More on Thursday 7th October

I've forgotten what it's like to actually work all day long.
Started at 9.30 this morning, got literally 30 minutes for lunch and then was back at my desk until 5pm just working - no chatting on the phone, no surfing the internet - just working!!!
I've been picking up and taking Margaret home as well 'cos she's had this operation and can't drive yet, so once I'd dropped her off, I had to go and do the grocery shopping and also wander round the shops trying to find a present for Alana's friend at school for this party tomorrow evening.

Got home at 7.15...then put all the shopping away, and then fixed something to eat for myself.
Luckily Nick had fed and bathed Alana, so I didn't have to worry about her at all...thank you honey!

I am enjoying the job though, even with all my complaining!!....and I've been told that I'm going to get a pay rise already!!!

Haven't heard from Jules since she's had the baby....she's probably still traumatised over it all - JOKE!! Helsy have you heard from her or been to see her yet?

Roll on the Weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday 5th October

Well work has certainly changed this week. Today I was non-stop all day, didn't even have time to look at anything on the web....okay 5 mins to check out Helsy's wedding photos - they're beautiful Helsy, but I couldn't find any photos of all the girls together, did I miss it???

Seems that a bloke came round today to turn the power off!!! Nick managed to convince him not to, and then rang our electricity provider to find out what the problem was. They wouldn't talk to him because it's in my name, so I had to ring them when I got home to see what the problem was. They can't understand what's happened, but we certainly haven't been billed for any electricity since we've moved into the house. Am expecting a phone call tomorrow to explain what the problem is...can't wait to hear the explanation!!

Nick's putting together a possum trap at the moment. He really wants to get it out of the roof as it's noisy and is probably leaving all it's droppings up there as well, which will make the roof stink!! Not sure what we're going to do with it though once he's caught it (if he manages to!!).

It's now light by 5.30am, which I don't have a problem with at all. Luckily we have curtains in our bedroom that are very thick and block out all the light. It's only when I walk out the door at 6am that I notice it. Saying that the birds make a hell of a racket at that time of the morning!!

So did you have a good time on your honeymoon Helsy? How was the weather - and more importantly did you enjoy the food and alcohol???

Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday 4th October


Congratulations to Jules & Matt on the birth of their daughter Chloe

Monday 4th October

Well my first day in the "new" job. Took me ages to clear up the reception desk. The girl was a real hoarder and there was tons of stuff that I threw out.

Saying that, I've been told that I'm getting a new desk and I can rearrange everything to how I'd like it.....yippee!!!

Alana is now right into Irish dancing!! She saw it on one of her Wiggles videos and she's totally besotted with it now. I've just bought Lord of the Dance on Ebay and she's had it on since she got home from school!! Luckily by the time I got home, she was in the bath....phew!!!

Still can't believe Jules has now had her baby. Told you it was going to be a girl!!
It's really brought back tons of memories of when Alana was born - wouldn't want to go through it again though....think once was enough for me!!
And I just realised I can now go shopping for baby stuff....look out credit card!!

Nick's been for another interview today. This was for a Driver for a small local company - he's already made sure that the company is a reputable one and has all the right laws and legislations in place!! He'll probably hear within the next few days if he's been successful...more finger crossing!!

I'm back at work tomorrow, but the good news is that the young girl who was working there has now been made redundant, so I'm stepping into her shoes and will at least be a bit busier than before.
Therefore I'm probably not going to be able to do my blog until the evening, so J2 you may have to wait until after lunch to log on and get the days gossip!!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sunday 3rd October

I've now recovered from my girls night out on Friday night. There were about 10 of us in total, which was great as there were a few that I hadn't met before.
None of them were really on my wave length, although there was one scottish girl who was a laugh. I'll just have to keep on trying to find new people to hang out with.

We started off in a huge bar at Federation Square which was absolutely packed when we met up at 6pm. It was a nice evening though so we could stand outside on the back decking overlooking the river.
Then we all decided to go and find somewhere to eat. Of course we ended up at the Food Court near the Casino.
Once our stomachs were full we headed upstairs to one of the many bars, and just sat around gossiping and drinking till about 12.30pm.

It was fun, but nothing memorable!!

Had a really lazy day yesterday, but we did get off our bums and went for a walk around Lilydale Lake

Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday 1st October

Oh my aching feet!! Walked round the shops yesterday looking for a hat, or something, to put in my hair for Oaks Day. Finally found one that suited me and it wasn't expensive either!! Margaret is just going to do a few minor changes and it'll look perfect.

And I've got my outfit organised too!! Would you believe that I'm going to wear a dress that I bought in Mark One (yep you read that right!!) with a lovely sheer coat thing over the top. Sounds pretty gruesome, but it looks fantastic. I've still got some lovely black shoes that I bought a couple of years ago and have only worn twice!! So I'm sorted now!! Tally ho and pip pip!!

I'm off up to the city tonight for a girls night out. The girlie expats are all getting together, so that should be a bit of fun. I've been sitting in the sun today, so have managed to get a bit of colour, which looks tons better than that horrible white colour that I go in the winter!!
I'll update the blog tomorrow so that I don't forget anything that happened!!

Jules have you had that baby yet??? I want to go shopping for baby stuff!!!