Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday 27th May

Yep, winter has arrived. The heating is now on when we get up and it’s back on again when we get home from work. I keep it on about 20 degrees and that seems just comfortable. I think this month’s gas bill is going to be a bit of a shock though!

Work….still a bit boring as it hasn’t kicked off yet, but we are getting lots of interest and lots of enquiries, so before long I’ll be complaining that I’m way too busy! I’m now bringing all my CD’s into work and bopping around the office to the music (we’re allowed to listen to music…yey!!). One really exciting thing – We’ve just been given denim shirts to wear at work with our company name and logo on them…lovely jubbly!

I’m on the last few days of my detox now. Haven’t lost a huge amount of weight but there’s still time!! I’ve definitely lost inches though. I may even stick at it (without all of the restrictions though) for a bit longer as it’s not too bad. See my weight blog if you want to know all about it.

I’ve got my 10k run on Sunday morning. It’s up in town so we’re going to have to leave home at about 7.30am!!! Nick & Alana are coming too for support, so they can be my cheersquad. I’ll update the weight blog with a race review!

As I now have access to lots of discounted things because of where I work I am now the proud owner of a blower/vac. I only bought it on Tuesday but I could have used it last weekend as I swept up all the leaves that the next door neighbours tree dropped onto our driveway (can you tell that I’m pi**ed off about it!). I keep seeing things in peoples offices and thinking….oooh I’d like one of those!!

Alana has a fun run at school today. Didn’t look like it was going to happen when I got up this morning as it was pouring with rain, but by the time that I’d dropped her off at school it had stopped, and the sun is now shining!! But that’s Melbourne for you!

Okay well that’s my news for this week. Stay tuned!

Alana’s Quote of the Day: “I want to move back to England because it snows in the garden”


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