Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday 2nd August

Hello again.

I’m sitting at my desk at work looking out at a beautiful blue sky, with the sun shining. I still can’t believe that we’re in the middle of winter, it’s just not normal!!

I’m doing another ½ marathon on Sunday. Went out for a long run this Sunday and ran 19.2km in 2 hours. I’m so enjoying the running. Still can’t believe that I can actually run this distance.

I’m trying to keep a potential cold at bay. Woke up last Friday with a sore throat, so immediately went to the chemist and nearly bought the whole pharmacy out!! I’m sure they thought that I had a drug problem!! Anyway I’m happy to advise that the cold has not been able to break through the barrier of drugs that I’ve ingested each morning!

Nick and I had a lovely time when we went up to town last weekend. But are you all sitting down….we didn’t go to the Casino! Can you believe it? It was just too cold to walk down there. The wind was biting cold, so we snuggled up in our apartment and drank champagne and ate lollies and chocolate instead!!

Alana had the tooth fairy visit her again last week. That’s tooth number 2 now. Unfortunately the tooth fairy was very busy the night that the tooth came out and it was only when Alana highlighted the fact that the tooth fairy hadn’t taken her tooth the following morning that she eventually made a call to the house while Alana was getting ready for school….(can’t believe that I forgot to take the tooth out and put a coin in the little bag!!).

I’ve had a close encounter with a kangaroo! There’s been this wild kangaroo bouncing around the work buildings over the last few days and we all had an email to let us know that it was on the grounds. Anyway I leave the building to go home, wander up the stairs to the car park and I come face to face with the kangaroo at the top of the stairs, just hopping by. Scared the absolute c**p out of me, and I probably did the same to it, as it raced off over the back paddocks!!


At 4:50 AM, Anonymous lhamilton said...

Hi J, good luck with the ½ marathan on Sunday wow how far is 19.2km in miles?

Well done you for not going to the Casino it must have been cold!

Kangaroo encounter hey! nothing like it here we only have rabbits and rats running around outside my office!

MIss you loads love Lx


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