Friday, July 30, 2004

Friday 30th July

It's a beautiful day outside today. The sky is a vivid blue and the sun is shining.....saying that, I'm sitting at my desk with a heater blasting out warm air. The office I work in isn't very warm, so it takes me a while to actually feel my feet!!

Hopefully we'll be able to buy a 2nd car this weekend. It's been a bit of a nice change getting the train to work, but I'm ready to get back in my car now! I'm going to get the train home to Mooroolbark tonight and walk from there to the house. Think it's about a 5km walk, so shouldn't take too long, and the roads are much better lit than the road from Ringwood station, so not too scary.

I didn't go to the gym this morning. Thought I'd give my body a break today so that it can mend some of my poor aching muscles. The rowing certainly took it's toll and the whole top of my back is aching horribly!!

Well I got my hair highlighted last night. Didn't get the full fringe Helsy, so don't panic. Just got a bit more chop put into it so that it's not so heavy at the front. I also had a bit of a gold highlight put in it as well 'cos it was starting to look a little too blonde, so it's calmed down a bit now. Also means that the roots don't show through so quickly now either.

Helsy thanks for the tip about the Almond Oil. Will go looking this weekend. Where do you buy it in the UK? Boots probably? They don't have anything like Boots over here, so I might have to go into The Body Shop or Priceline or maybe Hairhouse Warehouse.

Well all of the crockery and cutlery is now unpacked. I have so much stuff. Luckily the kitchen is big enough to accommodate it. Looks like I'd better start using it or Nick will want to chuck some of it out. The Denby has come out too.....yippee!!!

We really need to concentrate on getting our bedroom in some kind of order. There are suitcases, boxes and bags of stuff everywhere still. Not sure when we'll get the time over the weekend, as it's looking very busy right now.

Well, I've just had a bunch of work dumped on my desk so I'd better pull my finger out and look busy.

Have a great weekend all!!