Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday 12th August

Spring is in the air. Lots of the trees have blossom starting to appear.

We've just had the coldest August day for however many years!! The last few days have been really cold. 10 degrees maximum. There was ice on the windscreen of the car!! Luckily it is now getting warmer again. The sun is shining. Can't wait for the summer!

I ran another 1/2 marathon last weekend. Go here to read all about it. I've got another 3 planned over the next couple of months. No risk of me considering a full marathon though as I am absolutely knackered after doing a 1/2 (thank god for that!!).

It's the last week of Big Brother. We've just had Nadia, who was last year's UK Big Brother winner visit the house for a few days. Now that was entertaining viewing! She is a scream that one. And I hear that she used to work in the Barclays Bank in Woking!! She's changed a bit from last year. Lost lots of weight, changed her hair etc. Is that what being a celebrity does to you?

We're off to the Scienceworks and the Planetarium on Sunday for a nice family day out. I know Alana is really going to enjoy it.

My brother Jeff is coming down from Sydney next weekend with his wife and kids. We (as in the whole family) are all meeting up. This is going to be an eye opener. We haven't been together as a family (remembering that I have 4 siblings) since 2002. Now we don't all get on well together I might add, so I'm going there with an open mind and a razor sharp tongue!!

Alana's Quote of the Day: "Mummy that scared the life out of me!!"


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