Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wednesday 20th October

Have the dreaded appointment with Alana's teacher this afternoon. I'm not sure what to expect though, so I'll just go with the flow!!
After speaking to Alana about her writing on the weekend, it seems that she sees it as some sort of competition as to who can finish their writing first. Which is probably why it's pretty unreadable. We've tried to explain to her that the winner is the person who's writing is the neatest and can be read properly, not who finishes first. Not sure if it's sunk in or not, but at least now we understand why it's not great to read!!

On the other hand, yesterday morning (before school), she drew around her blue cashew, cut it out with the scissors (the picture that is, not blue cashew), and then coloured it in, got the sticky tape and stuck it on another piece of paper, along with a picture of a banana that she'd made the previous evening, so that she could give the whole picture to her teacher. I was quite impressed as I had no involvement in it at all!! I don't remember having that kind of imagination or forward thinking at that age!!

I've had to move my hairdressing appointment to Saturday morning as Kerry couldn't do me on Monday night. As Nick is going to be working (getting all the overtime he can before he quits!!), it's going to be a mad dash from Alana's swimming lesson over to Kerry's place. I'm hoping that Kerry won't mind me putting Alana in the bath and washing her hair too!! Or do you think I'm asking too much?? But what are friends for if not to share the amenities in one's house!!!

Have you heard Kylies' new song (well it's new over here anyway!!) I believe in you??? Love it. I've downloaded it off the internet and just keep hitting repeat while I'm using the computer so that it just plays over and over!!

The video hasn't shown up at work yet and I'm leaving in 30 minutes, so I hope it arrives before I have to leave or else I'm going to have to wait another day for it.


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