Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday 25th February

It's Friday.....yippee!!

The sun was supposed to come out today, but so far it hasn't made an appearance. We've been led to believe that it's going to be a nice weekend, but judging by today, it may not happen!

I'm doing the school clean up morning tomorrow. If we (the parents) don't do one of the allocated days (there's about 6 or 8 of them) we have to fork out $60, so one morning's work isn't going to kill me. Also the first one for the year is normally the easiest as there's not too much to do apart from a bit of sweeping, weed pulling and rubbish picking up.

Still haven't got around to planting all my new plants in the spot that I ripped out all of the Agapanthus. I'm slowly killing all the ones that I bought as well. Keep forgetting to water them, and as they're underneath the decking I don't see them to remember to water them. But if I leave them out then they're going to get damaged by the sun...can't win either way really. Best thing to do would be to pull my finger out and get the whole thing sorted and plant them!! Will need to rent one of those mini skips and also do it on a weekend when it's not going to rain (like this weekend really!).
Note to self: must go and buy a new fork as I keep bending them.....well Agapanthus are right little buggers to get out..have you seen the length of their roots???

Alana has now moved herself into the guest bedroom as she likes sleeping in the Queen size bed. She says that she'll move back into her room when we have guests over, otherwise she wants to sleep in the big bed! Think we're going to buy her a double bed for christmas! Just hope it fits into her bedroom....

Alana's quote of the day: "I want to be an adult Mummy"

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursday 24th February

I know, I know, it's been ages since I updated the blog.

So much has happened since I last updated. Helsy & Steve came back to Melbourne last Thursday and left on Monday.
Since then we've had some fantastic weather. Think they brought the crappy weather with them and have now taken it back to the UK (thank god for that!). At least it didn't rain every day!!

We've been doing some touristy stuff while they've been here. Went on Puffing Billy, have been grape grazing (lots of alcohol there!), we went to the footy and saw my team get thrashed (no more on that one!) and we found a very posh restaurant to eat at on St Kilda beach.

I'm now an Aunty again. Daniel William was born on the 10th February weighing in at 8lb 15oz. Another son for my brother Jeff and his wife Sue. As they're in Sydney I'm not sure when I'll actually see him, but I've been sent a baby photo, so at least I know what he looks like.

Went to the movies last night (freebie tickets through Virgin Credit Card) and saw the movie Hitch . A very pleasant, enjoyable movie which doesn't tax the brain at all!

Haven't done any more to the house. The electrician was supposed to come and finish the lights, but we haven't heard back from him. Think Nick is going to chase him up today. Then we can get the walls plastered and paint them.

So that's about it from me. How are you all doing?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Light

Here's the photos of the new light. It's going to hang down so that it's in the middle of the Dining Table - when we eventually get round to buying one.

We want a big 8 seater table, which will fill up the dining area very nicely!!

One photo was taken with the flash and the other without. Couldn't decide which one looked better so I've put them both on.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday 14th February

Yet another excuse to have a drink!!

Well my houseguests have departed for a week or so to see some more of Oz and NZ (visiting other friends), so this has given me time to clean up all the empty booze bottles, and do all that horrible stuff that we like to put off while we have guests.....washing, ironing, vacuuming etc.

On an embarassing note, the weather has been lovely since Steve & Helsy have flown out, but on a happier note, it's going to be warm and sunny when they get back (Thursday), right through the weekend and into next week.

This is extremely good news as we will be doing lots of outdoorsy things over the weekend so at least we won't need our brollies!!

Alana has had her first "date". She went over to her new found friend Dylan's place on Saturday, and by all accounts she had a great time. We even got given a photo album with photos of the day so that she can remember it!!

The lighting is now finished. The Electrician came over on Saturday to finish putting in the last lot of downlights and the Chandalier...and can I say how fantastic it looks. Even better than I thought. I've taken a photo, so will put it up when I get home.

So now we need to get the plastering done (the Electrician has a mate!) then paint the back area. We get our new couches delivered mid April for the rumpus room, so now we need to think about the kitchen and flooring. Bank balance is slowly depleting!! Just as well Nick's now got a job!!

Nick seems to be enjoying his job...he's getting to know the streets of Melbourne very well (also where all the Police Stations are) and is collecting lots of "stuff".

I've done something that I've never done before. I got my eyebrows waxed. I've always been the tweezer girl, which takes forever and never gives me the same looking eyebrows, so on Saturday while I was getting my bits waxed, I enquired about getting my eyebrows done at the same time. Before I could even blink, it was done...and quite painless too. Don't know why I haven't had it done before now, probably just becuase it was going to cost me money! Oh well, all done now, and I must say that they look good too (modest aren't I??).

More snow expected in Surrey shortly I hear? Enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tuesday 8th February

Hi all, I'm back.

Sorry but it's been such a busy week I haven't had time to scratch my bum!!

Where do I start?? Okay Helsy & Steve are now here. I picked them up from the airport on the wettest day we've ever had!! Their first 3 days in Oz and it's been pissing it down.

We've done some retail therapy, but we were both very good and only bought a couple of things.

We had the works cruise on Saturday night. That was a great laugh. Helsy & Steve came with us too. We had a hotel booked in town so we could stay out as late as we wanted!! As the cruise was a free bar, we all got pretty trashed, then headed on down to a local club with some of the others from my work.
Then we ended up at the casino. I don't know exactly how much we spent, but I know it was alot. I lost!! Nick and I ended up crawling into bed at about 3.30am.

On Sunday we went up The Rialto . It was a fantastic view as the weather had cleared up and the sun was out. You could see for miles!
Then headed up to the Queen Vic Market for a bit more retail therapy.
Ended up at a lovely little Italian Cafe, sitting in the sun ejoying some lovely pasta.

I've drunk way too much alcohol, haven't done enough exercise, and in desparate need of a good night's sleep...but it's been great having Helsy & Steve here. They're off to Sydney and Auckland on Thursday and will be back the following Thursday. It'll give me a chance to recuperate for the next leg!!