Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday 7th September

So where do I start

I’ll work my way backwards I think

Firstly, I’ve just done another ½ marathon. If you want to read about it go HERE. The next one is in 3 weeks time, followed by another one two weeks after that. Definitely addicted to them now.

Weather – well what can I say other than this is Melbourne so expect anything. Last week I had ice on the car window, this morning it was 14 degrees at the same time of the day so work that one out! Tomorrow it’s going to be sunny and 23 degrees yet on Sunday it’s going to be wet and windy with a top temperature of 12 degrees! I love Melbourne!

The new BBQ still hasn’t been put together although we did use the old one last weekend as it was a lovely sunny weekend.

Alana and Nick have both had colds over the last week, but luckily I’ve managed to avoid getting one, touch wood.

School holidays will be upon us again in 2 weeks time. Mum’s going to look after Alana one day each week and I’m taking a day off each week as well, so she’ll only go to Vacation Care for 3 days each week. It looks like there may be quite a few kids from her school going this time, so at least she’ll know people there.

Nothing new has happened with the house. I think it’s just a bit of indecision about what colour scheme we want for the kitchen. We can’t even decide what colours we want for the cushions that will go on the lounge suite!!

Pretty boring! Nothing else to add.


At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Scope said...

Why don't you add some pictures? Hehehe...
You like to play with digital photos? Will be FUN! :D



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