Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday 14th June

Yeuch I feel horrible. Yep I've come down with a cold, can you believe that? I blame Alana totally, it's her fault. She came down with the flu last Wednesday and has been sick and coughing and spluttering all over me ever since. I've managed to get her to go to school today but she still had a sniffly nose and a bit of a cough. Nick took a couple of days off last week to look after her and my Mum looked after her for a day as well.

Yesterday was a public holiday for the Queens Birthday. It's also the start of the ski season but alas there is no snow in sight. It's just been too warm! Can you believe it, it's still warm in June. That's like it still being warm in December for all you UK people. We have had a bit of rain but nothing like we should be getting that's for sure. I'm loving the fact that I can still hang washing outside rather than it being all hung over clothes horses inside.

We are now the proud owners of a new widescreen TV. We ummed and aahed about getting a plasma TV, but decided that we'd just live with a widescreen for now and maybe get the plasma in the next year or so. At least there won't be any more arguements between us and Alana about who's watching what. She can go and watch her DVD's on one TV and we can watch what we want on the other one. The only arguement is going to be who watches what TV. And I can already see us being relegated to the back room watching the little TV!!

I'm doing a fun run on Sunday. See the Weight Blog for more details. Not great timing to get a cold is it!! I'm popping pills like nobody's business at the moment to try and get it to clear up quickly. Feel like a bit of a junkie!

We went and saw Star Wars last weekend at the Regency Lounge. It was lovely to be able to have a glass of champers and some food served to me during the show. But I didn't think the seats were that comfortable, and there was no sweet popcorn!!! We also want to see Mr & Mrs Smith, War of the Worlds and Madagascar. Looks like I'm going to have to be nice to Mum for a while so that I can get some babysitting services in!!

Sorry it's taken me a while to update. Will try a bit harder!


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