Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday 9th October

I know, I know...just didn't get a chance to write in here yesterday.
Work has totally knackered me out. Am taking in alot of info at the moment and by the time I got home last night, my brain was in meltdown I just switched off and veged out on the couch and watched Bridget Jones Diary on the telly (always a great movie to watch!!).

Some good news - looks like Nick has now been offered a job. It's a driving one, but we're not sure what the hours are at the moment. He starts on Wednesday. There are still another couple that he's applied for as well, but we haven't heard back from them yet.

Alana enjoyed the party that she went to yesterday afternoon. They had a bouncy castle there and she absolutely adores them, so just played on that most of the time. Anyone with a digital camera will know how hard it is to take moving photos with one, so here's the best one of the bunch!!

I've been out in the garden today. Dunno about green fingers, but my hands were pretty grotty when I'd finished weeding. The next door neighbours have ivy growing over the fence and I hate Ivy, so I got the snippers onto it and cut it all down on our side of the fence.

I'm also going to dig out the agapanthas that are growing down the side of the driveway and put some boronias, fuscias and azaleas in there. It'll make it very pretty, very colourful and it'll smell lovely because of the boronias.

Nick took some photos while I was slogging away.

And here's one of Alana looking cute!!

Well I'd better go clear up the kitchen as it looks like a bomb's hit it after making dinner, then I'm going to sit down in front of the telly and put my feet up.....oh and get this, no alcohol this weekend either!!!!


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys Firstly, thank you for my birthday card and windchime, it's beautiful and goes very well in my room. Congratulations to you both on your new jobs I'm really pleased. Had a great time in China will tell you more in an email. Helsy's wedding was great fun she looked lovely and it was great to see everyone again. :-( except you! And even though Jules was about to drop she looked very well indeed.
I'm at work and catching up on the last month of your blogg as I on holiday and I must say it's still a pleasure to read it but makes me miss you more. Oh yes and you look great by the way.
I will send email very soon with photos.
Love Lxx

10/10/04 01:27 am

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Photos.
Wow your grass looks a hell of a lot healthier than ours does up here in Brisbane. It's been so long since we had a substantial rain here that everyone's lawm looks like dry straw at the moment, its horrible. It's so hot at the moment and it's only October, I think were in for a scorcher of a Chistmas. Sometimes you just long for a good old English downpour, heheh.

11/10/04 12:07 pm

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Babes - well done Nick! Fingers crossed that it'll be a good one. Just a quickie. Sam's wedding was great - had to send hubby to bed drunk though! I of course, stayed on partying! Lisa - gutted I missed your b'day - how did that happen?! Must help Steve with dinner - ah! dinner's arrived. Gotta go. Miss you!!! xxx

12/10/04 04:45 am


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