Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday 19th August

Yes it's nearly the weekend again.

Not sure why I'm so happy as it's going to be quite a stressful one.

We've got the family get together tomorrow!! Should be a barrel of fun.....NOT!! We're all meeting up at an indoor soft play centre, which is going to be absolutely packed because they've forecast rain. This means that there's probably not going to be anywhere to sit, also lots of kids have their birthday parties at these places, so there's going to be hundreds of screaming kids too. Not to mention the fact that none of us really get along that well either.

I can also see that everyone is going to want to come back to our place as it's just up the road. So I'll probably have to play hostess to everyone, which means I'm going to have to go and buy biscuits and lollies for everyone. And I'll probably have to buy alcohol least there's one good thing out of it all!!

On Sunday I've got a 10km Fun Run. Have been a bit slack with my running this week so I'm not looking to do any PB's!! And judging by the weather forecast it's going to be cold, wet and windy!!

I'm about to start packing up my office as we're moving over to a new office on the other side of the building. Haven't got vey much to pack as I haven't been here long enough to accumulate too much junk so it shouldn't take too long!

Weather is crap today. It's been raining all day and looks set to continue for the rest of the weekend and well into next week. Yes, we still need the rain, but couldn't it just rain at night??

We are now the proud owners of a new BBQ. As we sell them at work, we thought it stupid not to take advantage of this. Check it out here. Ours is the 4700.

Nick's going to put it together some time over the weekend (if he gets time). Then we need to sell the old one. It'll probably need a bit of a clean and polish. May be able to sell it to my sister as their one is really old.

Roll on Summer!

Alana's Quote of the Day: "Mummy is this a swear word?"

Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday 12th August

Spring is in the air. Lots of the trees have blossom starting to appear.

We've just had the coldest August day for however many years!! The last few days have been really cold. 10 degrees maximum. There was ice on the windscreen of the car!! Luckily it is now getting warmer again. The sun is shining. Can't wait for the summer!

I ran another 1/2 marathon last weekend. Go here to read all about it. I've got another 3 planned over the next couple of months. No risk of me considering a full marathon though as I am absolutely knackered after doing a 1/2 (thank god for that!!).

It's the last week of Big Brother. We've just had Nadia, who was last year's UK Big Brother winner visit the house for a few days. Now that was entertaining viewing! She is a scream that one. And I hear that she used to work in the Barclays Bank in Woking!! She's changed a bit from last year. Lost lots of weight, changed her hair etc. Is that what being a celebrity does to you?

We're off to the Scienceworks and the Planetarium on Sunday for a nice family day out. I know Alana is really going to enjoy it.

My brother Jeff is coming down from Sydney next weekend with his wife and kids. We (as in the whole family) are all meeting up. This is going to be an eye opener. We haven't been together as a family (remembering that I have 4 siblings) since 2002. Now we don't all get on well together I might add, so I'm going there with an open mind and a razor sharp tongue!!

Alana's Quote of the Day: "Mummy that scared the life out of me!!"

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday 2nd August

Hello again.

I’m sitting at my desk at work looking out at a beautiful blue sky, with the sun shining. I still can’t believe that we’re in the middle of winter, it’s just not normal!!

I’m doing another ½ marathon on Sunday. Went out for a long run this Sunday and ran 19.2km in 2 hours. I’m so enjoying the running. Still can’t believe that I can actually run this distance.

I’m trying to keep a potential cold at bay. Woke up last Friday with a sore throat, so immediately went to the chemist and nearly bought the whole pharmacy out!! I’m sure they thought that I had a drug problem!! Anyway I’m happy to advise that the cold has not been able to break through the barrier of drugs that I’ve ingested each morning!

Nick and I had a lovely time when we went up to town last weekend. But are you all sitting down….we didn’t go to the Casino! Can you believe it? It was just too cold to walk down there. The wind was biting cold, so we snuggled up in our apartment and drank champagne and ate lollies and chocolate instead!!

Alana had the tooth fairy visit her again last week. That’s tooth number 2 now. Unfortunately the tooth fairy was very busy the night that the tooth came out and it was only when Alana highlighted the fact that the tooth fairy hadn’t taken her tooth the following morning that she eventually made a call to the house while Alana was getting ready for school….(can’t believe that I forgot to take the tooth out and put a coin in the little bag!!).

I’ve had a close encounter with a kangaroo! There’s been this wild kangaroo bouncing around the work buildings over the last few days and we all had an email to let us know that it was on the grounds. Anyway I leave the building to go home, wander up the stairs to the car park and I come face to face with the kangaroo at the top of the stairs, just hopping by. Scared the absolute c**p out of me, and I probably did the same to it, as it raced off over the back paddocks!!