Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday 13th May

It's been ages since I've updated the blog....sorry everyone who reads this. (especially J2).

So what's been happening then I hear you ask?

The job is going well. It's still a bit busy then quiet, but all in all it's not a bad job. The company are very staff friendly and are very flexible, which is great. I have a lovely office all to myself and I look out the window and there are wild rabbits hopping around.

I've also got a really flash 19inch flat modern am I now!!

We're all getting a bit concerned about the weather now. There has been hardly any rain over the last couple of months, the sun just keeps shining. Now that's all well and good for getting the clothes dry and enjoying the lovely autumn days, but what about the dams!! And I can feel more water restrictions coming on too. Not good!

I've signed up for another fun run. This one is called Run to the G. It's a 10km race, which I haven't done for ages, but I've been running up to about 12km once a week, so I should be able to finish it. I've even found 3 other people who run at about the same time as me, so we're all going to meet up and run together. How cute is that!!

Doing a detox for the next 3 weeks, but you can read about it on my weight blog. It hasn't been too hard, but it's a bit monotonous eating the same food over and over again! And my weight is slowly moving down the scale too, so at least it's not all in vain. Hopefully I'll feel good after the 3 weeks, and my skin and hair will look fresh and healthy.....yeah right, who am I kidding!!

Some good news. Alana has now cracked her fear of swimming on her back. She had to have somebody hold her if she was floating on her back, but her swimming teacher bribed her with the offer of buying her a beanie doll if she could do it without floats or anyone holding her, and last week she finally did it. So off we headed to the toy shop to buy her a beanie doll. She can now move up to the next swimming group too, which is even better. I love the thought that she can swim well, especially as we live in an environment where there is lots of water and lots of pools in peoples gardens. She is a very strong swimmer on her front, so we may see a budding swimming champion here!

And I'm now addicted to Big Brother....again!! I wasn't that bothered when it was on last year, but I watched the first episode on sunday night and have been addicted every since. They've put in all single people this time, which is a laugh in itself, and they've also put in lots of very confident, good looking women, who don't seem to get on well with other women. I have to make sure that everything in the house is done by 7.00pm so that I can sit down and watch it. The first Friday night episode is on tonight, so that's going to be good viewing in my books!!

Well that's about all that's happened over the last couple of weeks. And again, I'm sorry that I haven't been here for a while, but life has been a bit ordinary lately with nothing new to report.

Alana's Quote of the Day:

Mummy: "Look how big that dog is"
Alana: "Wow, it takes up the whole world"


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