Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday 29th April

It's Friday...yippee!!

Well the new job is fine. Still finding my feet so I do sit here and twiddle the thumbs from time to time, but overall I think that it's going to be a great job to get stuck into. My boss is lovely. He is a very gentle man, with a very gentle personality, but has a great sense of humour too, so I think we'll get on just dandy!!
Today we have a dress down day, with drinks in the boardroom at about 5.00, so I'm seriously looking forward to that!
My hours are 9 - 5.30, which is a bit of a shock after working 9.30 - 5pm for the last year. But as it's so close to home, I don't get that awful, god I've got to drive all the way home feeling. It only takes me 5 minutes to go and pick Alana up from After School Care, and then it's only 5 minutes to drive home, so we're home at exactly the same time. And we leave for school at the same time as well, so there's no change to the routine at home.

We had the hottest April day recorded yesterday. It was 28 degrees!! And it's going to be fine and mild for the next few days as well. I know that when Autumn and Winter finally arrive, they are definitely going to arrive with a big bang!

Seriously need to do some housework this weekend. I'm getting the hair highlighted tomorrow morning and then am going to get stuck into cleaning, mowing...all that stuff.
Also got to get the results of Alana's wee in the bottle. I've got an appointment tomorrow morning, before I take her swimming. Going to be a bit busy tomorrow me thinks!

Nick and I have become addicted to Jamie Olivers Dinner Ladies program. We make sure that everything is done beforehand, so that we can sit down at 7.30 without any interruptions and watch the show. Same goes with Super Nanny. Don't really watch much other TV apart from the footy on a Friday or Saturday night, but only if Essendon are playing.

Well I hope you all enjoy your long weekend (if you're in the UK) and that the weather is good for you.

Alana's Quote of the day:
Mummmy: "So what did you do at school today?"
Alana: "Mummy, for the last time, I can't remember!"


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