Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday 25th April

It's Anzac Day today so we get a holiday today (yey!). I'm going to sit down this afternoon with my bottle of champers and watch the Essendon V Collingwood footy game. It's one of the real rivalry games, so it should be good viewing!! (Go the bombers!!)

We took Nick's parents to the airport last night. Can't believe a month has just flown by. Nick's Mum was a bit teary, which was to be expected, but at least we know that they had a great time and got to see tons of stuff while they were here.

I've enjoyed the last few days off, but am now getting nervous as I start my new job tomorrow. So many things going through the head.....what to wear, where to park, etc etc.

So what's been happening over the last week? Well I've enjoyed a couple of days just doing my own thing. I finally planted the last of the fuscias, so now have 2 really lovely little gardens just full of them.

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There's now 7 fuscias in the garden bed (below). Three of them are just little cuttings that my Mum bought for me, so I hope they take before the cold weather arrives!!

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We had a lovely BBQ at home on Friday and then took Nick's parents to Williamstown on Saturday Had lunch here. Then yesterday I went and did a fun run in the morning, and we went for lunch at the Warrandyte Hotel, followed by a little rummaging around the local shops.

Our new lounge suite also arrived on Friday. They put some protective foam rubber around the edges but when we took the plastic off, all the foam had rubbed and it took us ages to get all the bits off the suede. Blurry nightmare it was!
Of course now that we've got the lounge in we're going to have to finish off the room, so the paintbrush is coming out and we're going to paint the walls white. We also want to buy a projector for the room. Then all we need to do is put the flooring down and buy the vertical blinds and it'll be finished....just that room of course, there's still the rest of the house to do!!

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As we were driving home from the fun run yesterday we saw this! How cool!

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I'll keep you informed about the new job. Will probably update at the end of the week. Have a great week everyone!


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