Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuesday 12th April

Well hello everyone.

Some good news....I think I've got myself a new job. I'm going to be a PA to a Managing Director for a local company. Went for an interview on Friday with the current PA, who's still going to work there, but is going to be moving into a different area. I will take on some of her responsibilities, but will also take on some new ones as well.
I've got a second interview on Monday to meet the MD as he's been away in China this week.
The company is literally less than 5 minutes drive from home, which is fantastic. Hours are 9.00 - 5.30 which is longer than I've been working, but still closer to picking Alana up.

I've now got to go and buy some new clothes (good excuse hey!) and I've got to start dressing like a PA, so it's going to be suits and high heels again!
The good thing is that I can still get to the gym in the morning before work, be able to take Alana to school and then carry on to work. It's a good life isn't it!! (can you tell I'm happy).

My replacement at my current job started yesterday, so I'll be training her up for the rest of this week. Then I'm going to have a week off before I start my new job. As Nick's parents are here at the moment, it'll be nice to take some time off to spend with them.

Had a great weekend. Took Nick's parents to a large shopping centre on Saturday and spent a fortune on "stuff". Not really sure what I spent it all on, but I came home with lots of bags.
Then on Sunday I did a 5km fun run. see weight blog for more info on this, and then in the afternoon me, Alana and Nick's mum went to the football to see Essendon beat Hawthorn at the MCG.

All in all a very nice weekend. Good weather apart from a huge downpour at the start of the footy. Just as well our seats were undercover!


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