Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tuesday 28th December

Well that's another Christmas gone by.

Christmas Day was so different. Alana deciding that 6.00am was a great time to open presents wasn't the best start to the day, considering that we'd gone to bed late on Christmas Eve due to lots of present wrapping. I had to wait until she'd finally gone to sleep, and that took a bit of coaxing as she was just so excited!!

So the day started out very early!! The aftermath of the present opening was just unbelievable. There were presents and wrapping paper everywhere!!

Here's a few photos of Christmas Morning.

Here's Alana getting stuck into the frenzied opening of her presents.

And here's me trying to figure out how to make the bloody presents work!!

This is the aftermath of the present opening!!

This was looking out of the front window.....as you can see, another perfect day!!

And here's our lunch spread..... a bit different from the turkey and trimmings that most of you lot will have eaten!!

Just wanted to say thankyou girls for the prezzies too. I'm about to send your presents in the mail. It's got to be seamail unfortunately as it costs so much money to send it airmail (it's a very heavy box). You should get the parcel in about 6 weeks or so.

Anyway hope you all had a great Christmas. Looking forward to New Years Eve. We've decided to have it at home this year. We were considering going up to town as they have a magnificent fireworks display, but you know what Alana is like with the loud bangs!!! so we thought we'd watch it all on the TV!!

Helsy, you'll be happy to know that we went and bought a bed for the guest bedroom today. It's being delivered on Friday and I have to say that we really picked up a bargain. Really nice QS bed with headboard, doona, pillows, doona cover set including fitted sheet, flat sheet and extra pillow cases and it only cost us $675.00. Another thing crossed off our list!!

The carpenter is coming tomorrow to cut the wall up. Then we can start to think about the kitchen and what kind we want to put in. We went looking at lounge suites for the rumpus room today as well. So many things to buy, so little cash to buy them with!!


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

And how quickly did it go, I am now back at work already :-(

What a beautiful view from the window first thing in the morning. To be honest we had a nice day too Xmas day. Lunch!! that looks like a snack, why is it that when you go to your parents for Dinner there is always so much on your plate! no ones complaining of course but it's such a struggle to eat everything. So yes I spent Xmas dinner with my sis, parents and grandparents and then went on to my Brovs for the evening with the rest of the family. A very filling and tiring day but also lovely to catch up with everyone.

Not sure what I'm doing for New Year yet I've got 3 options and I'm not sure wich one to do (one involves not drinking! another one's going to be really messy, so I'm really not sure). You 3 have a great New Year.
And I'm glad you liked your pesents.
Love Lisaxx


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