Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thursday 16th December

Well I've been to the Doctors and had my contraceptive device inserted into my arm. It wasn't painful at all, probably because I had a local anisthetic before the Dr inserted the thing. He did push and prod for a little while though, so I'm definitely going to get a bruise. I can feel it just under my skin if I touch it. It's about the size of a match. Will keep you informed if I have any side affects (like getting pregnant....ha ha!!).

So what's everyone doing for Xmas Day? We're definitely going to the beach unless it rains. I've told my parent's too, so at least they know that they're not coming over here for a feed (phew!!). We'll probably call past on the way to the beach so that they can give Alana her presents, and we'll probably call past on the way back so that we can take them home with us!!

Not much more to tell today. Weather is nice again. We're going to have 35 degrees on Saturday, which is the day that the "family" all get together - what joy!! Nick and I have both decided to get pished so that we don't have to deal with any crap that starts happening (something normally does!!) and we'll just get somebody to run us home when it's all finished. Aahh families, you just can't live with them and you can't live without them!!


At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chick - that made me laugh! Fingers crossed it all works. Glad you got your parcels - and that I'll have more room in my suitcase for shopping!! Got the lurgy at the mo - so unfair, but Steve's going to make me a steak sandwich for dinner. Yum. What a lucky girl I am! Have emailed Stu about NZ and need to get in touch with Anita too, so hopefully we'll be able to finalise flights soon! Love to Sprog and Nick and good luck with the family charades on Sat. Did I tell you about my nightmare? Steve and I have Chrimbo on our own for the first time. Actually looking forward to it though! Helsy xx


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