Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday 24th December

Can't believe that it's Christmas Eve already!!

I got up early this morning so that I could get to the supermarket before the rush. I was there by about 8.20am and the carpark was nearly full!!

Luckily the supermarket wasn't THAT busy, so I got round pretty quickly. Couldn't believe the queue at the fish shop though. I was going to buy Nick some King Prawns to eat on the beach tomorrow, but the queue was 6 deep and 10 wide. Sorry honey, no prawns tomorrow!!

The bottle shop was also packed (yes this was at 9.30 in the morning), so I decided to stop at the local one just up the road from home. Pat myself on the back for that good idea, as the shop was empty!!

Alana is getting very excited now, although she mentioned to me this morning that Santa hadn't been yet.....I nead to pull my finger out and wrap those bloody presents tonight!!

We've invited my parents and my Sister and her lot over tomorrow evening......why have we put ourselves through this???? But once again, if I drink enough, it may just drown out the pain of it all!!

I am feeling much better today. I went to the chemist on Wednesday and came out about $45 lighter with 3 different types of things to take. They must have worked as I can now swallow and my appetite has returned!!

Had the works Christmas lunch yesterday. Went to a Vietnamese Restaurant and the food was absolutely divine. We had a banquet and there were about 7 or 8 courses. Don't you just hate it though when they bring 3 or 4 dishes out one after the other!!

Just had to mention a couple of little comments that Alana has made this week.

The first - "Mummy I talk alot don't I?"
The second - "What an absolutely beautiful day today, and the birds sound lovely too don't they Mummy?"

Anyway it's time to get organised. Take care everyone and I miss you all loads.



At 10:45 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Lovely photos J, yes Christmas Eve and I also have presents to wrap, at work today so I guess it's going to be a mad rush later! At least I don't have the chore of going food shopping Bliss!

Now wrap those presents santa!


Love Lxxx

At 1:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Photos and loved the comments - bless her! Glad that you're feeling better. My drugs are working too now, so should be up for lots of drink and nosh tomorrow! I still have Steve's pressies to wrap, so I'm going to have to pull my finger out at some point. Anyway, have a fantastic time over Christmas, big hugs all round, and hopefully speak to you at some point soon. Helsy xxxxxx


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