Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday 19th December

Well we made it out alive!!! I must say that we had quite a good time yesterday. Everyone was quite relaxed, apart from one incident where my older brother got the hump because my younger brother kept taking the mickey out of him for being a pom (even though we are all poms really!!). Long story, but my older brother is still a devout english person, prefers soccer to Aussie Rules, always supports England in anything, especially if it involves playing against Australia. My younger brother on the other hand is a down and out Aussie, and is just as passionate about his sport, but for the fact that he supports anything Australian.
So you can see that there is always a bit of teasing and taking the mickey whenever they get together!!

Here's some photos of the day.

This is Nick with my Great Aunty Pam. She's 82 now and is starting to get quite frail, bless her.

Here's Alana looking very Christmassy!!

All the cousins!!

Alana and Alli (very similar looking these two!)

Present time!! Grandad handed out all the presents...what fun!!

Nick and Mark sorting out the wind chime (it got tangled!!)


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