Monday, December 20, 2004

Monday 20th December

Well we're into our final week before Christmas now.

It certainly doesn't feel like Christmas, that's for sure. Imagine walking into the shopping centre and NOT having to take off 4 layers of clothing straight away, instead having to put on a cardy as it's freezing cold in the air conditioning, walking out of the shopping centre at 5pm to be blinded by brilliant sunshine, then having to run the car for a couple of minutes to cool it down before driving home!!

It is really strange to NOT see the lights up on the houses until about 9pm as that's when it gets dark.

As we are going to the beach on Christmas Day I don't have to worry about all the food either. I'll be buying some Chicken Drumsticks and some kebabs, cooking them on the BBQ on Christmas Eve, then eating them cold on the beach, along with some salad stuff on Xmas Day. I've even bought some unbreakable Champagne Glasses so that I don't have to take the good glasses with me.

I'd bought some choccies and Mince Pies to eat on Xmas morning/evening, but Nick and I have already eaten them all, so no chocolates on Xmas Day for us!!

Looks like it's going to be a mild day for Christmas Day. We'll probably get some sunshine and a bit of cloud, but it's going to be about 22 degrees, so a pleasant day I think!!


At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Babes - Back at home - still got the lurgy and feeling like pooh. Got a doc's appointment though so bring on the drugs! Trying to sort out what to eat on Chrimbo Day - got the folks coming over on Boxing Day. Why don't you do bacon and halloumi - can make them in the morning - wrap them in tinfoil (shiny side in) and away you go! Anyway, gotta go and make something to eat. I'm hank! Ooh, got your card today, can't believe it's 6 wks!!! Speak soon. Helsy xxxx

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Jaykay said...

What a great idea about the Haloumi & Bacon. Yummo!! Only thing is I'll probably have to make them the evening before as I probably won't have time on Xmas Morning.....oh hang on a minute, just oven!! Well that's out the door then!


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