Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thursday 6th January

Quite a bit of rain this week, in fact there's been torrential rain, and it always seems to happen when I'm about to get into my car!! I drove home in it yesterday, and it was really scary. Had the wipers on full pelt and I could still hardly see in front of me!

But we're heading for a nice weekend at least. Haven't really got much planned either. I'll probably go to the gym early on Saturday, then I've got an appointment to get my bits waxed!! We'll probably take Alana to see Spongebob at the movies, then maybe go to Lilydale Lake for a wander. I'd love to play Squash with Nick on Sunday if we get the time. I've really got hooked on it again.....note to self: remember to stretch before playing!!

You'll be happy to know that I can now walk normally again!! My calves are not sore any more, even after doing a Combo class yesterday morning, and running this morning!! Hooray!!

Alana wants to go ten pin bowling for her birthday, so we've invited all the cousins. Should be fun as we've also booked for the adults to have a game too (I love bowling!!). Camera will be there, so I'll try and take lots of photos!

Nick's off today to buy the downlights for the house. We've also seen a great light to put over the dining table...just noticed the price (gulp), but it looks fantastic doesn't it! Also found a link to one of the lounge suites that we liked. What do you think? Not in white of course!!

I've done alot of cooking over the last few days. You know sometimes when you just get the urge to do something - well that was how it was with the cooking. I now have nearly 2 weeks worth of meals in the freezer, for when I get lazy and can't be bothered cooking!!

I've found the dishwasher that I want to put in the kitchen. How cool is it? Two drawers!!

Nick and I have got hooked on a TV program called Outback Jack ......yep, more reality TV, but it's a real laugh!!
They haven't shown any of the "Get Me Out Of Here" series over here. I read that they've just finished taping the 6th one!! I bet all the celebrities are clammering to get on the show to increase their popularity and probably to revive flagging careers!! (look what it did for Jordan and Peter Andre!!).


At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god - i am here again!! helsy has reminded me to put your address as a bookmark or favorite or something so i don't have to remember your address - which i will work out how to do. anyhow, happy new year j, nick and alana. thanks for your new years text - sorry i couldn't reply but it would have meant sending a text to a foreign mobile and seeing as i have managed to blag a free phone from work for over a year now, i have to be careful. love the photos - it all looks so sunny, and free and spacious - not jealous really!! yes we all met up on monday, and yes i did lose the plot briefly - was looking at jules nursery prospectus and have only vague memory of it! thank goodness helsy was there to notice the subtle warning signs in me, and jules was there with the after eights! hope you're all ok. more from me tomorrow if i remember. lots of love kate & lucy xx

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chick - flights are booked - hurrah! Had a minor drama with my passport - expiry date didn't match the issue date, but apparently it's normal practice to put an additional 9 months on your new passport if you have that left on your existing passport. Anyway, all done. I'll email the details over. I can remember looking at that dishwasher - either for Alexandra Gardens or here. Can't remember now! Quite expensive over here, but very groovy! Anyway, glad to see that Kate has found you! Take care and speak again soon. Helsyxxx


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