Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday 17th January

I have 4 GMail invites to give away. Does anybody want one?

Nick got up on the roof yesterday afternoon and pushed some of the tiles up so that the possum could get out (that's if it was still alive!!). Haven't heard a peep from it since the likely conclusion is that it's gone, but we could be faced with the prospect of a rotting animal in the loft! Nick has put all the tiles back in place, so it had the chance...hope it took it!

Alana now has a new friend. A kitten . She bought it with her birthday money. We originally went to KMart to buy Connect 4. It's Nick's favourite game and he thought it might be good to have in the house so that we have some games if other kids come around. While I was in KMart I also managed to pick up Alana's winter wardrobe of pants for under $40. Yep, 5 pairs of pants (trousers to UK people) for under $40. Couldn't believe my luck!!

I also managed to find a game that I wanted too. It's called Triominoes . So when we got back from Shopping, we all spent the late afternoon on the back decking, playing Connect 4 and Triominoes. Quality family time....aaahhh!

My all time favourite game is Scattegories . Unfortunately I think Alana is a little bit young to play and we haven't had enough adults over, so I probably won't buy it just yet!

Nick started his first day at work today. I think he was a little nervous, but also excited by it all. Had a phone call at lunch time to say that everything was going well, which is a good sign.
Sounds like it's a very laid back workplace, maybe a little dated too, but I'm sure it won't take Nick long to get it all in order!!


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