Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wednesday 29th September

Sorry I didn't get to do an entry yesterday but Nick was hogging the computer all night!!!

I've downloaded the photos from the weekend.

Here's one of the lads hanging around the BBQ. This is a very normal occurance in Oz - boys around the BBQ, girls in the kitchen!!

We went over to Brighton yesterday to pick up a mini oven that we won on Ebay. Means that we at least have something to cook in!!
Anyway we ended up at the beach. Weather wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't really cold either. Alana loved it and brought tons of shells home with her (and the car ended up covered in sand too!!).

I'm going shopping with my friend Margaret tomorrow. We both need to start looking for something to wear when we go to Oaks Day. Not sure if I need a whole outfit as I do have a couple of dresses that I could wear, if I had to, but it's always nice to buy a new dress!!!

Alana is going to see A Shark Tale with her Aunty Kim and her cousins. Kim generously offered to take her tomorrow, as they were all going. Means I get to shop without all the hassles of taking a 5 year old with me....bliss!!!

Nick has his interview tomorrow as well. I'm sure he's going to do really well, but everyone cross their fingers please!!!

Jules, I still can't do any baby shopping until I know whether you're going to have a girl or a will you hurry up and get it out....please!!!!
By the way, I bet you go into labour on Friday morning without having to be induced....good luck chook!! Just remember - say yes to the epidural as soon as you arrive at the hospital!!


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