Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday 24th September

So I went up town yesterday. I really wanted to make the most of being on my own, but by the time I'd got up there I'd managed to acquire this huge headache and really didn't feel like trudging round the shops....oh well.
Helsy we can go up there and have a girlie day while you're here!!

Are you all hanging out for my news??? Okay the real reason I went up town was to change my surname. I now have the same surname as Nick & Alana - please feel free to change your address books!!!
And I am now calling myself MRS!!

And did I tell you about the job that Nick applied for with the Vic Police? Well he had an acknowledgement letter to say thanks for his application and if he was shortlisted for an interview he'd hear within 6 weeks.
But.....last night he got an email asking him to come in for an interview next Thursday......hurrah...yippee!!!

It's Grand Final Day tomorrow (for the AFL Footy) so my Brother Rob and his 2 girls and my sister and her 3 feral kids are coming over to watch the footy and have a BBQ. We're also looking after my Brother Terry's daughter, Alli, as they're actually going to the game, so it's going to be a full house. It was my sister's 40th yesterday so we don't really need an excuse to drink at all, we have lots of things to celebrate!!!


At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mrs B, just like getting married but without spending all the money, might just do that meself! Sound like a great weekend, have a good one.
Love J2

24/09/04 04:41 pm


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