Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wednesday 4th August

Still not feeling great and I sound like I smoke 300 cigarettes a day when I start coughing!!! Have taken today off work today to recoup from this and also to give another day for my nose to heal.

I've managed to take the tape off my nose now and I have 2 round little red holes which are very noticebale at the moment. Not sure whether makeup will cover them or not??

Took Alana to the Doctor's this morning as she is still unwell. Doctor has diagnosed Bronchitis and she is now on a liquid antibiotic. Since taking it this morning, she has stopped coughing as much.

I think I might have mad a minor error with the Doctor's surgery. When I came out from seeing the doctor, the receptionist kindly mentioned that I should make an appointment to see the doctor in future. This confused me a bit as I'd rung on Monday to make the appointment, then rung yesterday to change the time, and then again this morning to confirm the time as I'd forgotten it. I did explain to the woman that I'd rung 3 times and she seemed really confused by this as she couldn't find Alana's appointment anywhere.

So when I got home I double checked the phone number and the address.....oops - I'd made a small mistake and had made the appointment with another surgery in Kilsyth......silly me!!!

We've been out this afternoon looking at cars. Have no idea what to buy, or what price is a good one, so I'm going to leave it to Nick to choose one that he likes. Means that I don't get stressed out trying to make the decision....good or what!!

We've decided that we are only going to use the open fire for special occasions as the house now smells like an ashtray!! I've had to light lots of my smelly candles around the house to get rid of the smell, and we opened all the doors and windows this morning to air the place was nice though!!!


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