Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday 23rd August

What a great weekend. I've eaten and drunk so much over the weekend but you can check that out on my weight blog .

We stayed at this really swanky hotel which was right in the centre of the city. We had a great view too. There was this amazing thunderstorm in the evening and because we were up high, we got a great view of it.

Yes we went to the casino, and luckily we came out ahead. We played the Electronic Roulette Wheel again, and it's so much more fun than the pokie machines. The place was still very busy. They must make so much money there.

Alana had a great time at her Grandma's house. She did lots of drawing and painting, and totally took over the computer so she could play games.

Well we've had words with the next door neighbour about their dog. It kept us awake all night on Friday Night. Worst nights sleep we've had in the whole time we've lived in the new house.
Anyway before we left to go up town we went over and knocked on the door. The woman who owns the dog was very apologetic and doesn't know what's got into the dog as it's never normally like it!!! We did learn that the previous owner of our house used to babysit it during the day as the people who own it work all day. We realise that it is just so lonely and bored and just needs a bit of attention.
Then the Son came over last night and apologised again for the dog barking. Guess what - not a peep out of it last night!!


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