Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tuesday 17th August

Nick and I have got a child free weekend this weekend. My Mum has offered to babysit so we're making the most of it and have booked a hotel up in town on Saturday night. Can't wait....now what will we do???? Oh I know, the Casino is just over the road....what a coincidence!!!

My parents are off to the UK and Canada for a couple of months. They do this every 3 or 4 years. My Dad was in the RAF and the blokes in his Squadron have a meet up every year. I think it's a big one this year as it's been 50 years since they joined. We also have relatives in Canada so they always stop off there on the way home and visit.
Just trying to get a list together of all the stuff I need Duty Free...perfume, JD, Clinique - you know, just the usual.

Well have you all been watching the Olympics??? Aren't the Aussies doing well. The only downside over here is that all we see are the heats and events that the Aussies are in. We rarely see any other teams competing from other countries, but I suppose it's costing a lot of money to televise and we want to see our own teams when they compete!!!

Alana has a school excursion at the end of the month to the Melbourne Aquarium . It's the first time they've actually been on an external excursion so it should be a lot of fun for her.....and what a coincidence - it's just across the river from the Casino!!!!!


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