Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday 20th August

It's Friday, finally. This week has gone by so slowly. Probably due to the fact that I have stuff all to do at work.....well when I say that, I could create some work for myself, but if I did that I wouldn't have as much time to surf the net and chat on the phone!!!
Margaret is on holiday in Qld this week and the bosses are more out than in the office, so it's easy to just mess about on the computer and do nothing.
That will change when I move roles, but at the moment I'm making the most of it.....slacker that I am!!

I think that someone has complained to the next door neighbours about the dog 'cos it started barking last night and next thing you know it's quiet out there. Think they took it indoors, so another peaceful night!!!

Have you seen the Ladies Beach Volleyball on the TV? Can't believe how small their bikini bottoms are. You can pretty much see most of their bums and it must be so uncomfortable if they fall in the sand. I'm sure all the guys are enjoying watching it though. Not sure how Australia are doing but I know they have won a few matches.

Really looking forward to having a night out in town tomorrow night. Helsy I may even bring the xmas present you sent me along!!
I've requested a room on a high floor so that we can have a great view of the city. Might have to sneak a couple of bottles of champagne in though as I'm sure it's going to cost a small fortune if we buy it in the bar at the hotel.
Have asked my Mum if we can drop Alana off early tomorrow so that we can get up to town early enough to do a good bit of shopping. Nick hasn't really seen much of the town (apart from the casino) so it'll be nice just to wander around the place without having to worry about the time.

Faithless are coming to Melbourne in October and Nick is really keen to go and see them. I'm not a huge fan but I do like their music so it'll be nice to actually get out and see a band live. They're going to be playing at the Vodafone Arena which holds about 10,500 people, so it should be a great atmosphere. Tickets for concerts aren't cheap over here, so we're going to have to save our pennies for this one!!


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey chick - just wanted to wish you well for the your naughty night away. Chrissie pressie will DEFINITELY come in handy!! I'm sure you'll have a great time! Have had a pants week so really looking forward to going to Pizza Express with Hon, Tim, David and maybe Jess. 5 weeks tomorrow. Getting worried now. Got so much to do! Take care and look forward to catching up after the weekend! xxx

21/08/04 04:57 am


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