Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tuesday 10th August

Nick picked up the car yesterday afternoon, and then came and picked me up in it. Alana was so excited as we hadn't told her that we'd bought it, so she didn't realise it was Nick picking her up from school until he drove right up next to her. She loves the car, and couldn't wait to tell me everything about it!!!

I was allowed to drive it to work this morning. Had to do a bit of quick internet work before I drove off so that I could insure it. It's so easy now isn't it??? Just log on, put in all the details of the car, they give you a quote, you then purchase the insurance over the internet with credit card!!! Has it made us lazy??? God Yes!

And the reason I have the new car today is that Nick has offered to wash and vacuum and clean my car. I can't recommend highly enough getting one of these special people. They are very hard to find, so you have to be really good at finding them. Couldn't live without mine now though!!!

Thankyou all for your concern about my cough. Happy to inform you that it is now improving and I didn't cough once at the gym this morning. I really only started once I got into work and I think it's because it's a warm environment and I think it aggrevates it a bit.

Jules, here's a tip for you to help you sleep in the heat. Get a wet towel and wrap it around your feet when you get into bed. You'll have to place a dry towel underneath though to keep the bed dry!!


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I haven't read for a few days and have just been catching up. You brought a car !! It looks great, I am way impressed. I want to get an old VW Beetle (always wanted one) as a 2nd car, but the way finances are at the moment it's highly unlikely, lol

10/08/04 12:16 pm

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Jaykay said...

I used to have a VW - It was the Station Wagon type in Powder Blue!!! Was always paranoid that the engine was going to seize as I sometimes forgot to put oil in it - strange how they used to run on oil and not water!!

10/08/04 02:09 pm


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