Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tuesday 27th April

Okay I'm going to make this blog into something like Bridget Jones Diary, so I can remember things.

Weight: 65.4 (going down at last)
Biscuits: 1 so far (it's 10.30am)
Alcohol: Not intending to drink any today.
Exercise: 6.30am out the door - 57 mins power walking.

I'm exhausted already. Didn't sleep too well last night (so much to stress about at the moment) and I had the most vivid dream that I was the only one who witnessed a huge pileup on the way home from wherever?? (lots more detailed but too long to explain).

Something good to brag about though. Alana finally got the courage up to put her head under the water last night in the bath. Now that she's got past this fear, her swimming should improve really quickly.

For all of you who don't know, I'm doing the next course in my Web Development Certificate at the Open University. This one is all about server side scripting and ASP (I can see you all now, scratching your head, saying what is she on about). Anyway I was having a few problems getting a software package installed, but it's all up and running now so I can get on with studying and getting through the course.

The weather is now much cooler and the weekend was so cold. We've got a portable oil heater in the house and it follwed me around wherever I was in the house. It poured with rain too, but saying that, we do need the rain as it hasn't rained for so long. It's improved a bit this week and the sun will hopefully come out again soon.

Okay so back to work now.


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